No Sugar Fools Challenge

21 Days: 1st April 00:00 AM to 21st April 11:59 PM

Sugar is a quick form of energy. When you eat sugar body burns it first and does not bother to use stored fat. Excess energy gets stored as fat. We don't need sugar, remember few years back sugar was only used on special festival days. Pedha, Srikhanda, jilbi ladu was festival food only. Now we have a problem of abundance. Sugar and simple carbohydrates are linked to obesity and heart desease. 

Everyone who is reading this must join. If you have any medical condition that is causing rapid weight loss or you are takin insulin, then you must consult your doctor. 

Psychologists tell us that it takes 21 days for any habit to take roots. So 21 days are required for the full flavour of the new lifestyle hopeful you will keep it going as a lifestyle change. It will take that long to get the full effect.

Every thing that has a sweet taste
-Any kind of mithai, but obviously!
-Tea / coffee with sugar
-Chocolates, cake, pastries
-Sugar-free powder / granules, stevia etc.
-Energy drinks, sports drinks
-Biscuits, cookies, health / energy bars
-Aerated drinks, sherbets
-Horlicks, Boost, Complan
-Artificial sweeteners
-Jaggary / Gul
- Look out for sugar and gul in cooking

fruits allowed but in moderation

Whenever you break the rules, you immediately post a message on the WhatsApp Group – I have a confession to make…blah blah blah….but I will try not to lose my way again.
You are allowed unlimited number of confessions!